Driver Training:

This program includes 40+ hours of Behind the Wheel Control of the vehicle during Backing Skills and On-Road training. Backing  training will be held on our training pad in Ashtabula  and our On-Road  training will be done within a 150 miles radius of the training pad.  Students will gain the driving skills necessary to be successful in the industry . The training area provides easy access and a great space to learn to back and drive semi-trucks.

Students will learn to:
· Safely inspect vehicles
· Maneuver
· Backing
· Driving the tractor trailer in various conditions

Backing & On-Road Training Skills:
· Starting, Braking & Stopping
· Shifting, Turning & Parking
· Pre-Trip & Post Trip Inspection
· Sharing the road and safe driving
· Straight Line Backing
· Alley Dock Backing
· Parallel Park Backing
· Reverse Lane Change